Comfy Wraps®

$29.99 $42.99

Revolutionary Wrapping Memory Foam Slippers For Men and Women

Comfy Wraps® BENEFITS

  • The shock absorbing gel core of Comfy Wraps®compresses with each step you take.
  • Surround by two layers of cushioned memory foam, the inner sole will absorb the impact of walking - easing stress on your leg joints and feet.
  • The orthopedic design helps reduce fatigue when walking with swollen feet or sore leg joints; improving mobility and reducing pain.
  • The combination of our memory foam and gel core relieves stress and aims to improve the longevity of your feet and lower body. 


  • Comfy Wraps® surround your entire foot with adjustable straps on top of the slipper and around the back heel.
  • The memory foam, gel and bamboo fabric (combined with our orthopedic design) hugs your feet and wraps around your heel, providing all around support. 
  • Comfy Wraps® prevent your feet from slipping or sliding out and the memory foam interior will mold to the unique shape of your feet.
  • The adjustment straps are easy to arrange adjust for loosening or tightening.

Breathable and Refreshing Thermal Regulation

  • Comfy Wraps® interior is made with premium bamboo fabric and lined with our signature ultra-soft faux lamb’s wool. 
  • Our slippers repel moisture, improve airflow and keep your feet comfortable. The Comfy Wraps® “lamb wool” was hand selected to compliment the thermal regulating interior, keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • The bamboo fiber technology wicks away moisture from your feet, enabling a sweat-free and fresh experience with every use.

Versatile Use

  • Unlike other slippers, you can wear these indoors and outdoors.
  • These orthopedic unisex slippers are perfect for men and women of all ages. 
  • Comfy Wraps give your feet the comfort and support they need - great for relaxing on the weekend and perfect for anyone who needs to give their sore and swollen feet the comfort and stress relief they deserve.